This offer is directed to the owners of apartments who want to hire their apartment.

Congtatulations on buying the apartment. Your apartment is a great investment. Thanks to it you can earn money all year round beacause it gains its value. You can also hire your apartment when you, and your family do not use it.

Prices oscillate between 200zl and 250zl per day. It depends on location, standard, space and time. In holiday time the rates are higher.

The sezon in Zakopane lasts more than 8 months.

We have a group of people, who can take care of your apartment professionally. Our website evoluates and describes briefly every apartment, neighbourhood etc. It will help to choose the best place for the client. Our website is being visited more and more. It is also positioning on the first place in the information retrieval.

We want to win many satisfied clients. We are conscious that you expect the highest level service for the optimal price.We will gain the best profitability and shorten the time of reimbursement.

We lead a calendar of apartment hiring. If you decide to come to your apartment, we will prepare it for you.

Before we accept the apartment we estimate its potential, location and attractiveness. We also try to predict the problems which may occur.

If the apartments meet expectations (before we will introduce it into our offer) we will prepare the casting. We adjust the marginal conditions, for example: maximum number of people in the apartment, smoking cigarettes permission or having pets.

Althoug we take care of cleanliness or domestic appliances, we will also do patching. If you want to , we can provide the apartment with mineral water, coffee, tea, wood .

Not only can we make the apartment accesible, but also can provide enertainment for its users.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by phone or via email. When we receive your question, we will send you a detailed offer of hiring.