Frequently asked question

How can I make the reservation?

The reservation can be madeby telephone (mobile +48 605190190) from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 9 pm or via the interent 24/7

Is the given price for one person or for the whole apartment?

The given price is for the whole apartment. There is given the maximum number of people, who can use the apartment.

Is it possibile to have additional bed or cot?

Yes, it is possibile. Additional cot will cost 50zl/day. Please inform us during reservation.

Is it the final price, or there are some additional fees?

Payment for accomodation does not include climatic fees. It is collected on the arrival day, 1,50zl per person/day.

Where can we receive the keys?

The keys can be received at the arrival day, in appointed before time and place, usually near the apartment or the entrance to Zakopane.

How can we give the keys back?

One day before departure the employee of will adjust time of departure.

Is this possibile to receive the invoice for the stay?

Yes, it is possibile. After sending the whole data. We deliver the invoice on the departure day or via post.

Is smoking allowed in apartment?

Smoking in the apartments is forbidden. It is allowed to smoke outsider: balcony, terrace.

Arethere towels and bedclothes in the apartments?

Yes, we offer full equipment.

Is it needed to take kitchen utensils?

The kitchen is fully-equipped.

Is it possibile to take a dog or cat?

It is possibile to come with a domestic animal, for ex ample cat, dog etc. It will cost 100zl for the whole stay.

Where can I park the car?

The car can be parked in underground garage or on the parking place.